E-Commerce Website Design

E-commerce Web Design & Online Shop Development

It’s never been more vital or competitive to sell your things online than it is now. OceanCove Media can assist you with outstanding and totally flexible e-commerce design that projects your brand as well as the quality of your products. We’ve worked on a number of e-commerce website design projects and specialise in custom functionality like price calculators and booking forms.

We can design fully-functional and unique e-commerce websites to enhance your sales, whether you’re a tiny shop, a start-up clothes business, or a wine specialist. We can help you create a website that meets your and your audience’s expectations, no matter where you are in your business. Discover how OceanCove Media can assist you in developing the best e-commerce to outperform your competitors right now.

Develop Your Products Online

Bespoke Online Shop Design

Your e-commerce website is simply an online store – it has a window on the homepage, dedicated product range pages, and a colour palette to bring your brand to life.

Our purpose-built website theme allows for photographs, text, and product information to look respectable and honest without any frills, which is exactly what an e-commerce website should be. Furthermore, you will have complete control over your website, including access to pages, products, and back-end development, similar to store security features. With our beautifully designed e-commerce websites, you can give your customers something to speak about and return to.

Manage Your Online Store

Fully Manageable E-Commerce Platform

We value every e-commerce website project we work on, and we enjoy a good challenge. That’s why we enjoy designing, developing, and delivering websites for businesses of all kinds, whether they’re tiny or large, and who may benefit from expert guidance and professionalism along the route. So, if you have a product-based firm and are looking for a new e-commerce website, we’d be delighted to talk to you about your project ideas and needs.

Our understanding of website design and e-commerce platforms means we know that your e-commerce website shouldn’t be without the following:

Understanding The Basics

The Features Of Our E-Commerce Website Designs

Individual Page Objectives

Each page of your website should have its own set of measurable objectives. Our team employs design elements and storylines to encourage the appropriate buyer behaviour on each page. Simple click-throughs, requests for information, purchases, and social media sharing are all examples.

Checkouts in a hurry

We know that removing ‘barriers to purchase’ is something that all businesses seek. This is why we pay special attention to optimising your checkout process and smoothing the sales path so that your customers’ lives are made easier. Including ‘Buy Now’ buttons.

Product Pages That Make Money

Your e-commerce site’s product pages are the most important part and must be faultless. Priority Pixels can assist you in realising your vision by creating material that is clean, clear, and well-designed. Putting your products on display in the best possible light and providing the buyer with all of the information they require before clicking Buy.

Recommendations Made-to-Order

Our build team can design an environment that increases the possibility of follow-up sales by offering customers personalised recommendations based on their previous purchases and behaviours using a thorough and information-driven structure.

Search Engine Optimisation & Visibility

It all comes down to having a solid SEO strategy that is constantly evolving and improving in order to ensure that your site can be found easily and swiftly. We construct our sites with SEO in mind, and we monitor your progress to ensure you get the greatest search results possible.

Optimisation for mobile

Many of your consumers will use a Smartphone or Tablet to see your site and make a purchase. This implies that your entire online presence, particularly your customer’s sales journey, must be fully optimised. As a standard, we build responsive websites that are fully adaptable and perform flawlessly across all digital devices.

The checkout is the section of the website where consumers can see the things they’ve chosen as well as the total price.
Depending on the size of your company, we can develop cost calculators for your clients to utilise on your website, based on the services and/or items they want to purchase.
An order management panel that gives users access to terms and conditions, cancellations/refunds, order verification, exchange/order status, and delivery updates.
The mobile view must be responsive and tailored to the make and model of each device. We can optimise a website to match the size of a mobile phone screen using the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), which reduces loading time.
Ensuring that payments are conducted through a secure payment channel and that sensitive information like credit card numbers is not kept. Passwords should be hashed rather than saved in a format that can be determined.
Allowing consumers to inquire about orders and items, as well as being extremely attentive to ecommerce website notifications.
Using our content management systems, we can ensure that page features such as footer links, logos, banners, text blocks, sidebars, and items from the back end of your site are organised and appear structurally correct.
Your hosting infrastructure should be able to scale as your site’s traffic grows, ensuring that your site’s performance is maintained and that it is accessible at all times.
Integrations with payment gateways that work smoothly are an important aspect of the client experience. We have a lot of experience in this field and can help you avoid the most common blunders and dangers.

Be Found Online, Sell Your Products

E-Commerce SEO Services

Ecommerce SEO services are critical for online sellers that want to ensure that their products appear in search engine results and increase sales. Every specialty has fierce competition, with competing stores vying for profitable placement in the search results.

The internet now accounts for more than 30% of overall retail sales, and this trend is expected to continue. Getting the proper clients to your online business is a huge task, especially with so many online Business stores being started every day.

Your website will rank higher in search results for the keywords your target audience uses with our ecommerce SEO services and expert team, resulting in more quality traffic, conversions, and money.

Entrepreneur (Standard)

£ 65 Monthly
  • Product Filtering & Search
  • WhatsApp For Business
  • Google My Business Optimisation
  • Monthly E-Commerce SEO Strategy

Small Start Up (Advanced)

£ 80 Monthly
  • The Entrepreneur Package
  • Email Automation
  • Product Review Reminders
  • Abandoned Basket Emails

Small Business (Premium)

£ 95 Monthly
  • Small Start Up Package
  • Email Cross Sells To Customers
  • Email Win Backs To Customers
  • Quarterly Email Newsletters

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